Welcome to the first edition of the Ottawa 2L Summer Recruitment Statistics publication. The following chart refers to students hired for the summer of 2017. While the list of firms may not be exhaustive, we have tried to focus on firms that consistently hire summer students in the Ottawa market year after year. We hope that firms continue to provide us with this information for years to come.

As for the numbers themselves, the results suggest that University of Ottawa law students secure the majority of summer positions obtained through the formal process, by a very comfortable margin. Of course, this list does not include government hiring numbers, nor does it include hiring numbers at smaller law firms around the city or those firms/institutions that simply do not participate in the formalized recruitment process. That said, there is reason to believe that Ottawa would still outperform other law schools with respect to those positions as well, given that bilingualism and a strong connection to the nation’s capital will presumably be of even greater importance. It should also be noted that a number of prominent legal employers in Ottawa bypass the summer recruitment process and recruit their students directly for articling later in the year.

We will attempt to make these results as useful as possible over the years, but we hope that our first chart will provide you all with information you find useful and meaningful. If there are any suggestions for future recruitment processes, the team would be glad to hear them!


*  retrieved from firm website
** retrieved from NALP Canada
*** out of 150 applications